Welcome to Glamfields Practice and sharing

Welcome to Glamfields Practice and sharing

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What to buy for kid on Christmas’ Day 2018

Posted By: Susi Comments: 0 Times Read: 0

As a mom with 3 children, you should take care of their pure glass dream in every new year day, it is important to then to receive a special gift on Christmas. You will never imagine that how they will mess all my plan if you still no baby.

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Are you ready for Black Friday?

Posted By: Weng Comments: 0 Times Read: 0

Black Friday is also used in the United States to refer to the first day after Thanksgiving each year. This day is often considered to mark the official start of the Christmas shopping season and is seen as a barometer of the annual Christmas sales performance of the retail industry, and one of the most valued and busy days of the year.

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Your garment looks okay?Decent?Or Perfect?

Posted By: Stacey Comments: 0 Times Read: 2

21st century, are you still used that overdated, clumsy, heavyweight garment iron?

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