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Finally opened my new soap dispenser and had to share my thoughts!!
It is so easy to use. It comes with a small funnel (which one of my children has claimed as their own! LOL)
I used dish soap. As you can see in the video, I have a large bottle which is not easy to pick up with small, wet hands. So having this dispenser makes washing dishes easier for me and the kids. AND you can set how much soap you want dispensed each time so the kids don't waste soap!

This soap dispenser is very stylish. Need to get four batteries as they don't come with it. Love how it comes with a filling cup so you don't have a mess. It has an on/off button to save the battery life. There is also a dispense amount feature; You can adjust to a small amount of soap or large. Why waste. I Recommend This.I was looking for a simple solution for the kitchen. I cook a lot and tend to get messy. I use the pump soap type bottles and always end up washing the bottle after I wash my hands. This is due to having to push the top of the bottle down to get the soap out. So I found a solution. This battery operated, automatic ir sensor soap dispenser

I looked at several and this one was new, so figured why not. From the moment I opened the package, I was amazed. From the packaging to the construction, there was a lot of detail put into their product. That tells you what kind of company it is. A GOOD ONE!!!.

So I read the directions, inserted soap, batteries and set it on my sink. I used it a few times and works well. Then I noticed I have only been using this, and not using my pump soap. So its time to throw that bacteria-tainted cheap soap bottle away. I am glad I found this one, and need ro buy 2 more for the bathroom. You think cooking makes a mess...well I have kids and you should see their bathroom !!!!!

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