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Want to be Glamfields Reviewer? We don't need people who are not honest, welcome housewife, student, anyone who likes house gadgets & love beauty & fashion can ask Glamfields for a Free Trial. Contact us.


Are you an excellent Youtubers or bloggers about electronic products? If yes, why not join our Reviewing Program.

All you need to do is doing products review for Glamfields on your Youtube channel or website, you will get free newest products or hottest products every month.

Just email our Marketing Department at glamfields@gmail.com, put "Join in Reviewing Program" on the title, show us the link of your channel or website, please also enclosed the recent operating data in the email.


Youtube Channel

1. More than 5,000 followers or the average number of views is above 1000

2. Video type should be about Home & Beauty Fashion products or related to our products

3. Should be an active channel, the channel video is constantly updated

4. Youtubers location should be within our target countries (US, CA, EU)

5. If you are fit the above conditions, while still interested in our product, you just need to pay 20% of the product cost to get the opportunity to experience.

Website or Blog

1. Alexa or Similarweb Global Rank no less than 500000, Country Rank no less than 100000 (For USA, Country Rank no less than 250000)

2. Website type should be about electronic products or related to our products

3. Must be an active site, the site content is constantly updated

4. Website location should be within our target countries (US, CA, EU)

Reviewers influencer:

1. Amazon account age over half a year.

2. Review no over twice a week.

3. Only Honest reviewer & long-term cooperation.

4. If you interested in creating your own influencer website or channel, Glamfields would like to sponsor you.

Reviewer rules:

1. You need to have your profile link.

2. You need to leave seller feedback and 5 days post review(picture require or videos, more than 5 sentences).

3. After you leave your reviews, you should Pm the seller of your review link when to live on Amazon.

4. If you think what products have problems or do not feel worthy of 4 or 5 stars, please PM sellers!

5. Everyone should comply with the group rules, if you take the seller's code and do not write product reviews, we will put them on the blacklist.

Congratulations to all the winners! Our representatives will get in touch with you very soon. All winners are selected randomly via random.org, do not hesitate to contact glamfields@gmail.com if anything. Thanks again to everyone for your participation, stay tuned for our next event!

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  • gu***iane.jakkel@gmail.com
  • gr***nt917@gmail.com
  • ev***nreyesdelgado@gmail.com
  • el***iin_@hotmail.com
  • de***nkimberly@gmail.com
  • da***rka.m@wp.pl
  • co***ronatalie12@gmail.com

Glamfields Touch-free Soap Dispenser black
$39.99 Ex Tax: $39.99

Glamfields Soap Dispenser- The common staple in today’s kitchensBothers of Traditional pressed soap ..

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Glamfields Touch-free Soap Dispenser Silver
$39.99 Ex Tax: $39.99

Glamfields Soap Dispenser -The common staple in today’s kitchensBothers of Traditional pressed soap ..

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