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How to get Smooth hair, Soften or Straighten?

Posted By: Kaly Neo Comments: 0 Times Read: 438

Is it the hair soften or straighten? There is not an exclusive answer. But most of the girls will ask whether it is better to soften or straighten, so the answer to this question depends on your own hair requirements. If you prefer smooth and very straight hair, then you can choose to straighten it.

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How to get beautiful hair in your lifetime?

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Hair is mainly used to protect the head, in addition, enhancing the aesthetic feeling. Soft, fluffy and flexible hair can withstand lighter collisions and help evaporate sweat from the head.

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How long do hair extensions last?

Posted By: Silvia Weng Comments: 0 Times Read: 131

Hair extensions is a hairstyle technology recently introduced in Europe. As the name implies, tape in extensions is to receive hair from your own real hair, and instantly change from short hair to long hair. The hair used for hair extension can be a wig or real hair.

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