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We are calling for global water conservation! The quantitative secretion of liquid of the automatic soap dispenser can avoid the waste of water resources! Reuse soap dispensers can reduce environmental and water pollution! Buy now!Glamfields Touch-free So

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Glamfields Soap Dispenser- The common staple in today’s Home

How to use Glamfields Soap Dispenser?

Why Stop to Use Traditional Dispenser Pump?

Bothers of Traditional Dispenser Pump:

1. No touch-free, repeatedly press make your cleanup messy;
2. Multiple presses are required when the infusion tube has gas;
3. Residual liquid in the liquid outlet will condense and block the liquid outlet in winter!
4. Touch type will have the bacterial infection!
5. Without liquid control, spurt out liquid would increase the burden of housekeeping!
6. Press-type soap bottles seldom recycling, not in line with the concept of environmentalism!
7. Unable to control the amount of liquid cause waste.

Health, the Key to the Better Life & the Better World

    Available to Different Places

    Perfect for most decors such as restroom, bathroom, kitchen, coffee bar, offices, school, hotels, and restaurants.

      How to Operate Hand-off Soap Dispenser

      LED Indicator: 1. Power On: Red  2. Power Off: Blue  3. Low Power Reminder: Flash(Red)

      Warranty Policy

      ELEGANT & SIMPLE - Industry Design


      Container Capacity: 400ml / 14oz
      Power Supply:4*1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries(not included)
      Switching machine:Press button power one time,blue light is "on",again,red light is "off".time interval 0.5S
      Two-stage adjustment fluid volume: First gear is 4ML
      Second gear is 0.8ML
      Product sensing distance: four-finger distance


      Soap is automatically dispensed when hands are placed in sensor zone. Dosage is preset by factory. Unit is reloaded by unlocking lock with special key (supplied), swinging open dispenser body, and removing and refilling internal soap container. Soap dispenser will continue to feed properly until empty. Tank supply is replenished manually on a cycle determined by maintenance needs. A complete instruction manual is provided in a carton with each unit.


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