2019 Top 11 sweet valentine’s day stories
19 Feb

2019 Top 11 sweet valentine’s day stories

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Hi, I’m Silvia,  22 years old, single ( don’t know what is love and not believe true love), I feel alone and boring before valentine’s day coming, but since I have a stronger family, I learn about them and their love story from a super nice facebook group, which full of love, positive, sometimes offer free gift and great deals. Their love history makes me believe true love again, and have a meaningful valentine’s day( Even single, Lol).

Below share 11 love stories I have got from them this 2019 Valentine’s day

Story 1:  Patty Steele Mullins and Michael Mullins Jr

Benn together 10,234 days which is 28 yrs

1993 valentines day he went to flower shop and stood in line for 5 hours just to buy me a dozen of roses and when I got home from work later that evening he had made me dinner steak salad baked potatoes green beans and the rest ill leave out
But we’re still in love as we were then and everytime he walks into the room I feel like I fall in love with him more and more we took our vowels serious.


Story 2: EnriqueyClaudia Lopez and Lopez Enrique

1, 201 days dating (bf and gf, high school sweethearts) 3 yrs 7 months
3,283 married  (9 years on wed feb 6), Grand Total of 4,484 days together  (12 yrs and 7 months on feb 6)

The most romantic thing would be planting babies in me  I’m due with my 4th in less than 3 wks  ( Congrats for them, a new baby just arrived this world 13th, Feb)

However, something very sweet he did for me that I wasn’t expecting, he does many things but this was something that really made me feel extra special, didn’t cost him loads of money and I was surprised  once I was at home sleeping exhausted from my first pregnancy and he comes home from work during lunch time without making a noise and left a huge chipotle bowl for me in the kitchen  only my favorite food of all time, and when I woke up lunch was ready to go and I felt loved and taken care of.  I think there was also a Snickers bar in there, Love you babe!!


Story 3: Adry Romero and Mannysaurus Rex

Hello everyone and good luck, my love (Mannysaurus Rex) and I have been together for 663 days till today, I know it is not much but it is enough to say we love each other.

We had a long distance relationship for about a year because he is in the Military but thanks God we are together and we just got married the past November the 1st.
The most romantic thing he has done for me is to be there every single night for a video call date at 7pm since he left till the day we got together back again.


Story 4: Vielka Kapp and  her husband

Been together 3594 days which is 9 years 10 months and one day. When I meet him he told me he came with a package, meaning he was a single father and had a daughter, well we dated for a while and the day he proposed me it was his daughter. She got in one knee and ask me ;
« will you marry my father and make us a family «
That was the sweetest thing ever! I am still haven’t been proposed by him. She has 19 years now and we have also a little one that is gonna be 4 in March. We love each other and our family!


Story 5: Zajac Glenda Jean and Steve Zajac

This pictures during our wedding day. Next month is our 1st year ANNIVERSARY, that means we are 338 days since we got married, and 676 since we’ve known each other. He is my EVERYTHING, MY WORLD, MY LIFE and MY FOREVER. He made my day special, he always makes me HAPPY. One thing I can’t forget is when he proposed to me, he kneeled in front of me and I didn’t expect that he will go to propose to me that day… That’s the best day of my life… He always makes me feel better when I am sad, he always there for me when I needed him… He is the reason why I keep smiling and happy… He is the best man I’ve ever had… I LOVE HIM TO THE MOON AND BACK. He gave me a necklace a heart shape with the words I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK when we are still dating and I never take it off ever since I always wore it


Story 6: Kelle Marie and Shane Cope

I don’t have a picture of us holding hands but I do have this. We have been together since summer 2013. We have 7 beautiful kids together, 4 from before we met and 3 together. The most romantic thing he’s ever done for me is…where do I begin? He finds ways to be romantic every single day. He’s the king of surprises. He loves surprising me with things that he hears me talking about. Everything from a special sweater I had been searching for years for…to finding all the Spice Girl dolls to surprise me with for Christmas. He finds a way to touch my heart every day. And I’m thankful to have met him. He’s my person.


Story 7: Christina Kemmerer Franco and her husband

We been together since 2003 ( 5,858 days) and married since 2009. ( 3,585 days) The most romantic thing he did was when we got engaged. He took me to Nigeria Falls for a trip and proposed to me by the falls at night time when they have all the colorful lights on. It was so romantic.


Story 8: Jana Kreindel and Collin Graves-Hubbell

Been together over 3 years now
1219 days approx
Most romantic thing is when he put lights up on my ceiling and then fabric over the top it looks like stars and sky I had mentioned it one time that I wanted it I came home and it was a huge surprise
That and the new king bed and frame and new bedding he got just because it wasn’t for a special occasion
I came home from work tired and not feeling well and he said why don’t you go take a nap lol it was too late to nap but I went in and was blown away! Best surprise ever!!


Story 9: Alye Ann McElroy and Matty McElroy

When we tied our unity knot! Been together since October 30,2015. (1200 days) My husband, does things not only romantic, but sweet, helpful, and loving. He takes care of me. Through handfuls of doctor appointments, surgery, ER visits, all the cooking and cleaning while I trained for firefighting… he brings me food when I am grouchy and laughter when I am sad. The most romantic thing he has ever done for me wrote me a story of his proposal through a series of pictures of the events because he knew I always wanted pictures of it but he didn’t have anyone to take them. It was the sweetest thing ever! ❤️


Story 10: Brandie Pierce and her husband

No pic of just us not big on pictures. Not on fb either so can’t tag him. Been together roughly 2738 days. He’s not really the romantic type but when we first got together for our first valentine’s day he filled my car up while I was workin with roses, chocolates, and balloons.


Story 11: Danielle Joy Rodrigues and her husband

Together for approximately 6,935 days.
Hubs came home from being gone for work for a week shortly after we got home from our honeymoon and told me he heard the song “100 yrs” playing on the radio and decided he was going to give his two-week notice if they sent him away again. He told his boss this and they sent him away again so he quit his job and we moved back to my hometown because he said he couldn’t be a good Dad and husband if he was gone mom-Fri and sometimes longer for work.


Which story do you like? Share your story to us.


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