How many Valentine’s Day do you know?
28 Jan

How many Valentine’s Day do you know?

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Valentine’s Day is also called St. Valentine’s Day or St. Valentine’s Day, which is February 14th of each year. It is one of the traditional festivals of Western countries and originated from Christianity. This is a festival about love, romance and flowers, chocolates, greeting cards. Men and women give each other gifts on this day to express love or friendship. Valentine’s dinner appointments usually represent the key to the development of a relationship. It has become a favorite festival for young people in Europe and the United States, and other countries have become popular.


Those Popular Gifts

1. Rose

In the custom of Valentine’s Day, flowers and chocolate are essential for celebration. This is the most classic gift for men to give women, showing specificity, emotion and vitality. Roses represent love is well known, but roses of different colors and numbers also have other meanings.

In ancient Greek mythology, roses are the embodiment of the gods. world-wide. Rose is a universal language used to express love. Roses are quite rich in color, and different colors have different meanings.


Implied meaning

Flowers have spirituality and flower language, and the number varies to mean different meanings.

0 roses represent – Love you, but heart is hard to say!

1 rose represents – My heart is ONLY YOU!

2 roses represent – This world is only us!

3 roses represent – I LOVE YOU!

4 roses represent – Love until we close our eyes!

5 roses represent – Sincerely appreciate!

6 roses represent – Mutual respect, mutual love, mutual understanding!

7 roses represent – I secretly love you!

8 roses represent – Thank you for your support and encouragement!

9 roses represent – Long ALWAYS!

10 roses represent – Perfect and impeccable!

11 roses represent – Only love you one life!

12 roses represent – The love for you grows day by day!

13 roses represent – Friendship lasts forever!

14 roses represent – Pride!

15 roses represent – Apologize to you IM SORRY!

16 roses represent  – The ever-changing love!

17 roses represent – Desperate irreparable love!

18 roses represent – Sincere and frank!

19 roses represent – Patience and expectation!

20 roses represent – I am only a sincere heart!

21 rose symbols – Sincere love!

22 roses symbol – Good luck!

25 roses symbol – I wish you happiness!

30 roses symbolize – The letter is a fate!

36 roses symbolize – Romance!

40 roses symbolize – the love of swearing!

50 rose symbols – encounter unexpectedly!

99 roses symbol – forever and long FOREVER!

100 roses symbol – 100% love 100% LOVE!

101 rose symbol – the most … favorite!

108 roses symbolize – propose marriage!

Different colors

Pink rose: first love.

Red rose: love.

Orange-red rose: beautiful.

White rose: Respect.

Yellow rose: Apologize.

Crimson rose: shy.

Light green rose: youth is stationed.



Chocolate – only for the most loved ones


Valentine’s chocolate is also indispensable. Chocolate has been inextricably linked to love since its birth. People who love each other express their love for their lover with sweet chocolate. Love is chocolate, love is the heart of melting. Chocolate in the Valentine’s Day gift is comparable to the rose flower in the Maya and Aztec culture, is considered to have the characteristics of mystery and aphrodisiac.

Hazelnut chocolate – Loyalty

Brownies – Can be

Wine chocolate – Drunk with you

Milky Chocolate – My Honey


Other flowers

Red tulips – The confession of love.

Rose – Courtship

Gypsophila – Love

Lily – A hundred years of good and

Sunflower – Love

Acacia – Joy

Calendula – Obsessed

Red Bean – Acacia

Shi Lanlan – A willful beauty

Red chrysanthemum – I love

Lilac – Ashamed

White lilac – Read me

Tulips – The parable of love

Willow branches – Attachment

Violet – Eternal Beauty

Cosmos – Always happy

Margaret – Love of Lovers

Don’t forget me – don’t forget me, “flowers in love”

Begonia – Acacia Red

Rose, the token of love, synonymous




White crystal: stands for purity and selflessness.

Amethyst: Represents romance and mystery.

Citrine: Representing wealth and fortune.

Tea crystal: stands for stability, Antai.

Green Crystal: Representing justice and development.

Green Ghost Crystal: Representing the financial road and career.

Blonde crystal: beautiful, supreme.


Most countries on Valentine’s Day

There are 12 Valentine’s Days in Korea in the year, the highest in the world, respectively:

1, Cyber Valentine’s Day

This is the first fixed festival in the modern virtual network world, scheduled for May 20th and May 21st every year, because the homophonic sounds of “520” and “521” are “I love you.”

2, White Valentine

“White Valentine’s Day” is a Roman originating in Italy. At the beginning, there was no name on March 14th, and it was called “Valentine’s Day” as it was on February 14. Later, in order to distinguish the two festivals, March 14 was designated as “White Valentine’s Day.” It was accepted and widely circulated by the Japanese in the 1970s. Gradually, “White Valentine’s Day” is popular in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan Province of China and other regions.

3, Diary Valentine’s Day

On January 14th each year, couples will give each other a diary that records the whole year of love affairs, which symbolizes that the two will join hands in the coming year and leave more memories.

The single girls, at the beginning of this new year, must have a confession and plan for the people they like, write in their diary, and scatter the seeds of love in their hearts.

4, Black Valentine’s Day

April 14th is Black Valentine’s Day. Listening to the name may be able to know a few meanings, similar to the “Single Day”, it is said that this section is from South Korea.

5, Rose Valentine’s Day

Every year on May 14th is also Valentine’s Day. If it is already in May, there is still no progress in your business. On this day, wearing a yellow shirt or a yellow suit to eat yellow curry rice is to tell everyone: “I am still available (I am still single) )!! The best hint. The spring is full of sunshine, and the yellow is worn on the body, which is also quite in line with the seasonal atmosphere. May is the season when the rose sprouts, and the climate is pleasant for a trip. Therefore, many couples choose to take it outdoors on this day, so on May 14th, there is also the name of “Rose Valentine’s Day”.

6, Kiss Valentine’s Day

Every June 14th is a kiss on Valentine’s Day. This is an important festival for couples who are paired lovers. On this day, couples don’t have to be shy, they can use the scale of kisses to express their love for each other. Of course, before the flowering month, candlelight dinner and other romantic atmosphere, it is very helpful to kiss a kiss! On this day, there will be different kinds of “Kissing Contests” held around the world.

7, Silver Valentine’s Day

Every July 14th is Silver Valentine’s Day. It is a good opportunity to bring your favorite people home to your mom and dad, or to other elders you respect. Of course, all the expenses of this day are paid for by these “cute elders”, but you should first make sure that the elders are familiar with the festival. Silver Valentine’s Day is also a day for lovers to give each other silver gifts and accessories. The traditional custom is to use silver rings to get engaged, so today you also buy a pair and wear it on your hands as a witness to sweet mood.

8, Green Valentine’s Day

August 14th is called Green Valentine’s Day. This is not to say that you want to be environmentally friendly. Green Valentine’s Day is of course irrelevant to the forest. In the hot summer afternoon, you can enjoy a refreshing and refreshing forest tour with your other half, enjoy the outdoor nature and have a healthy and enjoyable day.

9, Music Valentine’s Day

September 14th is Music Valentine’s Day. This is a day for large-scale social events, singing and dancing. It is also a good opportunity to introduce your sweetheart to friends and colleagues. The single family can also take this opportunity to see if there is any object of their own interest at the event. Many couples like to take photos with this blue and sunny sky on this day, so September 14th is also called “Photo Valentine’s Day”.

10, Wine Valentine’s Day

On October 14th, lovers smashed the grapes and celebrated the poetic autumn. Usually the young couple will choose to have dinner in a romantic and chic restaurant, then talk about each other’s plans for the future, as well as common goals.

11, Movie Valentine’s Day

On November 14th, the movie Valentine’s Day, couples can catch two movies on this day, perhaps watching a stressful action film to vent their pressure, and then come to a touching romantic romance to wipe the tears. After reading the two people, it is time to add water. Let’s have a healthy 100% orange juice! Single people also want to drink a glass of orange juice on this day. Of course, if you want to drink two glasses, you will not be happy. It seems to be a holiday that juicers want to come out.

12, Embrace Valentine’s Day

On December 14th, I want to stay with your lover for a long time. Embrace on an open occasion, announce your love to the world, and make the cold winter extraordinarily warm. Especially those sweet and sweet couples who celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14th, they were able to embrace them at the end of the year and witnessed the two people’s affection.

In fact, many people are not familiar with many Western Valentine’s Days, including Black Valentine’s Day, and they don’t know its origin. There are not many people who have passed these festivals. The appearance of various festivals has a lot to do with the improvement of living standards. Although the standard of living has improved, but also to prevent blindness after various festivals, Valentine’s Day focuses on promoting the relationship between couples, rather than how much money.


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