How to treat dry scalp?
11 Jan

How to treat dry scalp?

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Skin debris is a condition known as dandruff, which is as common as dry scalp. It can cause discomfort and combat personal confidence. When the scalp loses too much moisture, it becomes dry and tight, which can be caused by cold weather, dehydration, and excessive hair. Glamfields here today will show you is it Dandruff or Dry Scalp? And how to treat Dry Scalp.

But dandruff does not always mean that the scalp is dry. These nasty white crumbs have multiple causes and are largely associated with Malassezia, a yeast-like fungus that breeds in the scalp where there is too much oil. When the natural protection of the scalp weakens, the irritants produced by the Malassezia bacteria cause excessive oil secretion. It will cause skin cells to become inflamed and fall off at a faster rate, resulting in dandruff. Yet dry scalp doesn’t like dandruff, it would be easier to treat. But first, we need to identify that this is just dry scalp.


Why your scalp dry?

1. Hair washing frequency

People who wash their hair in the evening and again in the morning should pay attention, Scalp is the same as our facial skin. It is easy to remove sebum after cleaning it many times a day. In winter, the secretion of sebum is not as much as in summer, so it is enough to wash your head once a day.


2. Wash hair when showering at high-temperature

people enjoy to take a hot bath on cold days, but the higher the water temperature, the more sebum is washed away, and the easier the scalp is to dry. In fact, the most suitable bath temperature in winter is about 104 to 107.6 degrees.


3. Wash the scalp with nail tip

If you use your nails to scratch your scalp, it will easily hurt the scalp and affect the scalp’s defense function. Once the defensive function of the scalp is reduced, it cannot be moisturized and the scalp will become dry. Therefore, when washing your hair, it is better to gently press the scalp with your fingertips. Also, do not apply shampoo directly to the scalp, but gently rub the foam on your hands and apply it to the hair and scalp. This will reduce the irritation of the shampoo on the scalp.

4. Shampoo residue

Residues such as shampooconditioner, and care solution are also causes of dry scalp and dandruff. In addition, residual shampoo can also clog pores, causing inflammation and causing hair loss. Therefore, when flushing the shampoo, it must take enough time to rinse well.


5. Poor blood circulation leads to low metabolism

Cold, nervous, and lack of sleep can affect the blood circulation of the scalp. Poor blood circulation causes the rhythm of the skin’s metabolism to be disrupted, and the defense function is affected, and not guarantee your skin’s moisture. Therefore, after bathing, gently massage the scalp to promote blood circulation in the scalp. In addition, we also recommend the use of a hair sprayer for massage that promotes blood circulation and has a moisturizing effect.

6. Insufficient vitamins

Vitamins are essential nutrients for the hair and scalp. The herring and green-yellow vegetables are rich in vitamin A. It can promote the metabolism of the skin and prevent the scalp from drying out. In addition, animal liver, bananas, cabbage and other large amounts of vitamin B6, which also have the effect of promoting metabolism.
Vitamin deficiency is closely related to dryness and hair loss of the scalp, it is necessary to pay attention to the balanced intake of vitamins A and B from the daily diet.


How to treat dry scalp?

1. Keep hydration


This is the basic step in keeping the scalp in good condition. Drinking eight glasses of water a day seems simple, but we often don’t get enough water to replenish it during a busy day. Set a reminder of drinking time on your mobile phone, remember to continually replenish your water in hot and cold weather, especially in cold weather, which is more likely to cause damage to the scalp.

keep -hair-hydration

2. Avoid over-styling

The shape is not limited to hot rolling, straightening and shaping. Excessive use of the hair dryer can also damage the hair and make the scalp dry. Use a hairdryer as little as possible (or just in cold weather) and keep your natural hair as much as possible, which allows the scalp to breathe freely and stay hydrated. If you want to try a different look, you can use a hair clip or cut a new hairstyle directly!


3. Use the correct shampoo

Using the wrong shampoo may speed up the dryness of the scalp, which can remove scalp oil, add discomfort and dandruff. If you confused about toiletries, try to learn about special formula shampoos, such as grape seed oil-rich, deep nourishing shampoo, which can deeply nourish the 3-layer scalp to help you get a healthy scalp and radiant hair.


Some women who are good at health care recipes are more willing to try some hand-made hair care supplements, which are highly recommended. At the same time with a reasonable diet, your hair will be getting better and better, and your scalp will be healthier.

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